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Car warning triangle DELTA4

Car warning triangle DELTA4


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Made in Germany!

Patented in-house production in a very lightweight and compact design. High stability due to patented spoiler technology. Excellent warning effect in a highly placed design.

The DELTA4 warning triangle, now in its fourth generation, is unsurpassed in reflective power and stability. With all the necessary approvals and certifications, it defies any weather.

Dimensions in the quiver: 434mm x 45.5mm x 30mm
Weight with quiver: approx 600g

Type approval according to ECE regulation 27.

It is the original, as it is used in many new cars in the automotive industry. The quiver fits into the designated space in the vehicle.

The triangle itself consists of reflective prisms welded by ultrasonic to a plastic base. Inside the triangle, a highly reflective film extends the reflective surface. Four fold-out metal legs provide strong support, even in wind and weather.

The assembly and disassembly is child's play and self-explanatory. Due to the robust design, it can be used almost indefinitely.

Not only for breakdowns and accidents at the roadside, also for securing construction sites, transports or green cuttings and construction work, the warning triangle is suitable as a warning for passing traffic.

For breakdowns and accidents correctly set up the warning triangle on the right edge of the road in the city about 50 meters, on rural roads 100 meters and on highways at least 150 meters from the accident site. In curves and on hills, it is always to be set up in front.

The carrying of a warning triangle in road traffic is mandatory, as is the safeguarding of accident scenes, and can be punished with a fine if ignored.

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